Jesus is our Hope

Hello friends!! We know it’s been a hot minute since we last updated you all on our adoption journey. In our last post we shared that we had uploaded our application to India’s adoption database in February. Since then we have been waiting to be approved, in order to be eligible for matching. At the … Continue reading Jesus is our Hope


In our last post, we explained the reasons that we are transitioning out of our adoption agency’s Macedonia adoption program. In this post, we are happy to share the program that we are transitioning to: the India program! Yes, we are now pursuing international adoption from India. Our agency has an established adoption program working … Continue reading India!

Life Goes On

Hey y’all. I know it’s been a reallllly long time since we last posted, but honestly life just seems to keep hitting us pretty hard. Over the summer our family dynamic changed drastically, in more ways than one, and we’re just now able to get our feet back under us. We lost my dad in … Continue reading Life Goes On

Remaining Funds

Hey y’all!  So as I updated a few weeks ago our dossier is still being processed in Macedonia, and we are still waiting to be matched with our child. Until then we are focusing on raising the remaining funds to bring our child home. One way we have decided to do that, is through an … Continue reading Remaining Funds